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Feb 18, 2007
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At my college there is always stuff going on. This week was international week and all the students from foreign countries (except me haha) had a booth going where they would make you origami cards, bookmarks, or a picture they frame for you. I thought the framed pictures were so nice I bought one for myself, then later went back for christmas gifts! I like mine the best thankfully haha, I think because of the colours and the way the girl did mine. The same girl did my grandmothers and I liked hers the second best. I used the same colours too so maybe it's still the colour theme. They let you pick your origami and the colour you want for a border and have it say whatever you want! It was really awesome and all the money goes to the children in Africa! Only 10 dollars for each picture. I like them because they are handmade, and handmade gifts are always more special! I love mine!! (Obviously the love one) They look much nicer in person, the camera can't do justice.






Oh man this week was International week too, but we didn't have cool stuff like that. The origami is so pretty.

they're great ! i wish i could do stuff like that, but i don't have any patience >.<

hey, i was thinking, christmas is coming soon, you'll be able to see your cat ! (mine is sleeping on some kraft paper i got in a package

I love origami. I have big flower vases and fill them up with tiny stars, cranes and turtles. I always forget how to make the turtles and make my friend teach me all the time. lol


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