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Mar 17, 2005
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Has anyone bought this new item? It's $50.00 I saw it in Sephora last night and its kind cool. I guess it appeals to me as more of a novelty item than an actual functional item. The lip glosses are so-so. Its a big ring with a tiny mirror on top and inside are either two lip glosses or two eyeshadows (depends which one you choose). I think its more of a keychain type item that an actual ring you wear on your hand.

Yeah - I tested the colors last night. Its "ok" -

I figure it might look kinda funky with jeans and no other jewelry but this humongous ring
but - its pretty heavy and I kinda agree with you.

I saw those on Sephora and wasn't too impressed with the colour cominations. I did think $50 was a bit steep for 2 e/s or l/g too.

I really like them. I attempted to buy both the l/g and the e/s rings (they were at Nordies a couple of weeks ago), but they really are novelty items and I couldnt bring myself to shell out $100 for them both. They are cute rings, but the colors are only 'ok'. If I had $100 to blow, I'd go ahead and buy them.


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