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Mar 17, 2005
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Has anyone tried any of these?

I was looking for a product review online and couldn't find any. I was in a store yesterday and noticed this line. I was curious about it before I fork over the $$$

I have never tried the christian dior selfless tanners. The tanners are a lot. honestly I dont know the price for the tanners. hth.

I have the "Golden Self Tanner-Instant Glow for the face".

The smell is nice and subtle, the consistency is creamy and it gives your skin a subtle golden shimmer, but I definitely wasn´t impressed by the tan I got. the color was natural, but the tan was too light for me. this might work for someone with really pale skin though.

I bought Lancome Flash Bronzer (gel formula) and this one works great, although as (I guess) every self tanner-gel does, it left my face very very shiny after the application.


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