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Dec 29, 2005
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Hey everyone Im really happy I had the best Christmas Ive had in a long time, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and is going to enjoy their New Year!! I finally took piccys of most the stuff I got

First pic: Here is our tree which I did not decorate at all

Second pic From my mom: UD 24/7 set of 5 eyeliners, bra set, La Senza teddy bear, Get Fuzzy comic book, scarf, two pairs of different gloves. Not pictured deodarant, shaving razors, secret body spray and a Get Fuzzy calender.

Third from my dad: Rudolph! Hes so soft and has a flashy nose. Lol also not pictured my regular Armani perfume and leave in conditioner stuff.

Fourth & Fifth from my grandma: Two very sexy tops, shiny black earrings I hooked them around the hangar lol, and white sweater. Not pictured a pair of PJ pants, Im wearing them

Sixth & Seventh from my boyfriend: The shiniest prettiest ring Ive ever seen, along with the shiniest prettiest watch I ever seen. I love this guy so much!! Not pictured a card and a letter and box of chocolate truffles.

Eighth from my boyfriend's dad: He sent me all this stuff all the way from Newfoundland and Ive never even met the guy in person. I got an ice cream candle, lipgloss, a watch, a leopard print nailfile, and a comb and brush. Lol its like he knows me.

PHEW Well I think thats all lol its getting late HOPE YOUR ALL HAVING AWESOME HOLIDAYS and thanks for looking!!


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