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Jun 11, 2005
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Yowza! Hot Mama alert!! Cindy looks smokin' in a casual denim skirt, tee and leather sandals. No Mom jeans here!! She's gained a little weight and looks phenomenal. This Woman can even pull off minimal makeup and look stunning....Soooo HOT!
Wow, she does look amazing! Did she always have big boobs? or did she get a bj? she looks great!!

She does look good, but that outfit is more fitting for a teenager than a middle-aged woman, imo.

i'm gonna agree with shaundra on this... she looks great, but i don't like the skirt on her... she could have picked something a little more age appropriate.

I agree with Shaundra too. She could have worn bermuda shorts. And I know her boobs weren't that big before.

She looks great... She's a mom and she can pull off wearing the miniskirt, so why not let her do it? : ) If you look good, you can wear whatever you want. : )


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