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Nov 12, 2007
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hey i'm new here and recently joined because of an urgent subject.

-ive always had pinky, purple rings/circles around my eyes that wont seem to go away. people constantly ask me if im tired.

any suggestions?

and would maybe getting tanner help?

im not sure if this thread will get popular or not but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply back with any suggestions.

ARGH! I can't read any links yet, and since that was Laura's first post, doubt she can either. This rule is really starting to frustrate me - it's gonna make me a post whore!

Laura, ever try color correctors? There's a blue that's known as Anchorwoman blue that helps, or yellow. I think yellow works best for under your eyes.

Originally Posted by puncturedskirt /img/forum/go_quote.gif I've heard that instead of using yellow that salmon colored concealers work better. I've never seen a salmon colored concealer. Does it work well on liver spots too? Who carries it?
Camomile has worked for me. Camocare [a health food store line] sells an eye cream. Also, most Sally's and other beauty supply stores sell a camomile eye treatment that's worked for me. It comes in a lipstick tube and costs around $5. You put it on under makeup. [it's colorless, and slowly helps fade dark circles.]

I have found that just using an über moisturizing eye cream will help to plump out the area a bit so that the shadows aren't as noticable.
hey thanks you guys.

I've never tried a color corrector.

Right now, I use a concealor that matches my skin tone to put under my eyes.

It doesn't work that well though.

Do you think seeing a dermatologist might help?

I don't know if she could maybe suggest anything.

But in the meantime, I'll try some of these [:

i don't know if seeing a dermatologist would help. maybe try those tips, and if nothing works go see a derm. make sure you drink enough water per day and get 8 hours of sleep, it really helps.

A dermatologist may be able to perscribe a stronger hydropeptide or, in a severe case, offer under eye shots that will fill out the area.


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