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Jun 11, 2005
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Why is it that Claire always looks awkward and uncomfortable? Here she is at a Meet and Greet wearing clothes that look too small for her. Everything is shrunken!! Did Claire have a mishap with the drycleaner or did she borrow a little kids clothes....Soo Not Hot! Blah!
She looks like a wax doll, she is pretty but these clothes are horrid and she got the wrong size too, she looks nervous, i think -insecurity before the cameras? but who wouldnt be insecure with these clothes on

Maybe the photographer caught her at a bad second... it certainly looks like it. I don't like the outfit, but posing with a little more grace and confidence would have at least made this outfit look more palatable.

Originally Posted by kelly1965rn /img/forum/go_quote.gif she looks bowlegged......................a sooo not. I thought so too.
I um... I dunno what to say about this one except not.

shes pretty, the pants are killing the look for sure. maybe if she had worn a skirt instead