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May 10, 2012
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I had my tubal done in 1994 I think. Married to a dead beat. The doc put two clamps on each tube. Now Im remarried to a wonderful man that has never had children.  I would like to give him atleast one. I would love to be the one of the 300 to get prego after having tubal.  ANY suggestions ladies and gents?

I have no suggestions or tips for increasing your fertility after such a procedure, perhaps your doctor will have some advice.

I think sometimes you can have it reversed. Your best bet would be to talk to your doctor about your fertility.

Definitely talk to your doctor regarding a reversal...OR consider adoption!

I'm very sorry that you chose a permanent solution when it appears that it was situational and not just because you didn't want kids. I chose mine when I was happily married to a fairly decent guy because I always knew I did not want children and I had to fight like mad to get a doctor to approve me for it, but I'm still quite happy with the choice that I made.

Best of luck, sweetie!


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