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Apr 6, 2012
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I got the Clarisonic for Christmas and am wondering what cleansers work well for you.  I'm currently using the little bottle that comes with it of Clarisonic brand cleanser but I'll need to buy something soon to replace it. I have combination skin and get breakouts that are mainly hormonal.

I don't use a clarosonic, but I would suggest purity! I won't buy one because I prefer wipes at night and face wash in the shower. I love purity made simple! I have a huge 32 oz I keep in there permanently because I like to wash my face before I apply makeup. Good for you that your using a clarisonic! Let me know how that goes!

I just ordered a clairsonic and a bottle of purity from birchbox because I heard great things about purity form other people here on the forums.

I use Purity, love it! A nice and gentle milky cleanser..but you can use any cleanser, whatever you've regularly been using. I'd forgo using a scrub with your Clarisonic, since that will probably be too harsh. Congrats on the present! I don't use my Clarisonic much, to be honest, but usually used Purity or a Boscia cleanser with it. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I also don't use mine often, but I switch between a benzoyl peroxide and the boscia it came with. But! I got a 1oz sample of Purity and I love it alone. I didn't bring my Mia with me so I'll have to wait to use it with Purity.


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