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Jun 11, 2005
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Chers crisp blunt bangs framed her beautiful face. These kind of bangs are best shorten long faces.

Audrey Hepburn was famous for her beauty and her gamine bangs. People with beautiful and expressive eyes can wear short bangs like this.

No wonder Hermes' named its famous handbag after her. Jane Birkin's gorgeous face is enhanced with fringey peekaboo bangs.

Cropped and fringey bangs like Sienna Millers work best on people with smaller bone structure and delicate features.

Liv Tylers bangs are considered some of the best in the business.

Natalie Portman puts a new twist on the Audrey bangs.

Rosario Dawson bangs make an updo look elegant and youthful.

Cantherine Zeta Jones smolders with her chocolate brpwn eyes and sexy bangs.

Eve has a strong enough face to pull off the thickest longest bangs. This style looks great on people with prominent features.

Mischas bangs can go from sex kitten to nature girl. Ideal for someone who changes styles alot.

Nicole has the most copied bangs in Hollywood! Long and sideswept they are universally flattering.

Reeses bangs really bring a youthful look to this starlet. Perfect for the girl next door.
I think I'd like a combo of catherine zeta jones, nicole richie and audrey hepurn's fringes. I cant style mine like that though, so I usually don't look so good. Sigh

I love liv tylers bangs and they are they favorite ones for myself, although they make me look younger and a bit to much mod or scene which I don´t like!

but I want them back *searches for scissors*

Bangs are not my friend but I love them. The best I can do is long sideswept but I like Liv's on her and wish I could get away with something like that.

I'm kind of the opposite, Kelly. I HAVE to have bangs. I'll post a picture here at some point, I'm sure, but to describe: I have a cowlick that forces a lock of hair to fall down over my forehead, no matter how long it is. The only way I've ever been able to not have bangs is to forcibly pin my hair back or use a headband--and that makes me look about fourteen, LOL.

those are really hot, the only thing about 'bangs' is that they require a lot of maintenance cos it grows up fast.

My bangs look like Chers right now. I change them a lot. At first when I cut my hair and got bangs May of this year, it was long bangs like Reese's. Then I let it grow and did side framing bangs like Catherine Zeta Jones. Now recently I added more bangs, so now I have blunt bangs, kinda like Cher's and Liv Tyler's bangs. I am going to let them grow, bangs are just a hassle, am too lazy to do style them everyday.

I cannot wear bangs and look good, unfortunately. But I think they are cute on everyone else.

I haven't had bangs for a long while, but every few months I get there urge because I want a hair change, but then I think about how long it took me to grow them out & I don't do

no bangs for me! i think i'm just going to skip this trend this time around. they all look great, though! i especially liked reese and nicole.

I have bangs sort of like Nicole Richie and I've just had to adjust to being one-eyed. Or I could just grow them out and not have that issue.

i've always had bangs, i think i had almost every style you showed, i love them! thanks for all the info!


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