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Feb 13, 2013
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i've been considering buying Clinique's Anti-Blemishes 3 steps solutions for my skin. it is said to treat blemishes and for oily skin. i don't really have too much blemishes but i intend to use it for preventative care. this product has a lot of positive feedbacks on websites, and it is reallyyyyyy expensive too. so i want to ask if any of you have used it? can you tell me did it work well like it claimed to??

thank you.

I don't use this but I just read quite a few reviews on it. It has very mixed reviews meaning some people love it and some people hate it. Do you have someplace you could get a sample of these like a department store or your local beauty store?

I've personally used it for years when I first started using skincare products. I'd say that it's pretty good but not for long-lasting. It really worked for may be like 1-2 months but then it stopped. I don't have if my skin was just getting used to it or something. I'd say to still give it a try. Clinique offers skincare sets, which could be a pretty investment if you don't want to pay for the full sizes.

I've heard some skincare folks say that your skin changes every seven years, and at the end of a seven year cycle, you may need to change up your products and routine.  Many many years ago, I used Clinique's entire 3 step line for sensitive skin, and it was my HG for seven years on the nose.  And exactly 7 years after I started, it no longer did the job for me.  But I can vouch for it - for that whole chunk of time, I had great skin that didn't freak out anymore.


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