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Sep 22, 2007
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I'm currently using mainly Estee Lauder and am thinking of switching to Clinique. I just wondered what everyone thinks of clinique? What are some good products and what should I not waste my money on? I don't think I will ever quit using Double Wear foundation, but some of their items aren't that great. Any suggestions? I did buy 3 clinique lipsticks and i'm happy with them, they are Chocolate Ice, Black Plum, and Black honey.

I have just started using their Superfit makeup and this is really nice. I like that their range is non perfumed as I seem to be very sensitive at the moment.

I'm also trying out their extra mild, clarifying lotion 1 and DDM and am loving them so far.

I have used several of their products over the years, and I have been happy with all of them. Right now I am using anti-aging foundation, lash building primer, high impact mascara, city cover compact concealer, and their pressed powder. And of course their lipstick. I have sensitive skin and have to be careful what I use. Never had any trouble out of any of their products.

I used clinique for many years and have tried pretty much every foundation they sell, so if you let me know what skin type you have and what coverage you want i can tell you which to try

I love their Blended Face Powder(the one with the brush).It has a very fine texture and makes my face look radiant!

thanks! i have more normal to dry skin with redness so i need something to help cover that up. any help would be appreciated.

Are you speaking mainly of cosmetics or are you considering switching your skincare too?

Clinique has come a long way with their skincare line where as it used to be more ideal for those in the very early twenties set and under. Now I think they have added enough potions for those of us who are starting to get some fine lines etc and those who's skin just was too sensitive for their normal routine.

I am 31 and use other skin care lines but I do like Clinique eyeshadows, lipsticks and lipliners.

Hmm I reccomend the skin smoother pore minimizing makeup, that was really nice and felt good on my skin.

Continuous coverage is heavy and covers everything! but feels slightly masky when applying it, I used it for a while but it made me feel cakey.

Super moisture makeup looks really good, Id try that, It must be new as ive never tried it before.

If I had to reccomend one ive used it would be superfit makeup, it gave a good coverage and was nice and light to the feel yet covered good.

Sorry I cant be more helpfull.

Clinique is a very very good range though, Im sure someone at the store could help you choose which to buy.

Also if your unsure ask if they can give you a sample of some of the makeup.

I agree with the above comment about the cream brush on liner, its the best liner ive ever bought and wouldnt look at any other liners, this stuff is amazing

I like their lippies and lash building primer. Oh, and the Fresh Blossom All Over Colors are nice! Sugared Maple l/s is gorgeous!

I love the cremestick liners (eye liners and lip liners), Super City Block sunscreen, the plumping lipglosses and the buttershine lipsticks.

Sorry...I am not a Clinique fan. I don't like their makeup or their skincare.

I've used their 3 step routine before, and their moisturisers. I'm not a fan. I saw no wow results, or anything like that. overrated.

i love their eyecream, and the mascara "long pretty lashes". i wasn't convinced at all by their moisturizers.

I like the superbalms, full potential lipglosses, lipsticks, shimmering tones powders, blushes and high definition mascara.

their new blushes are nice (as well as their older ones), their superbalm glosses are awesome, and their cream liners are nice.

i use their Mild Clarifying Lotion (toner) and Superdefense spf25 moisturizer. They are very good for my acne prone skin.

as far as makeup goes, they have wonderful blushes and lip products.

for clinique, im not a fan of theyre powder or foundation.

but theyre lip stuff


liners, and brow products are awsome!

plus they have a e/s primer that works brilliantly (touch base) and has several colors to it too.

There cream eyeliner in True Black is the blackest eyeliner out there It is a rich deep black. There superfit foundation is comparable to Estee Lauder double wear. I have heard it has great staying power, looks natural, and don't even need to set it with powder.

i have the lash building primer which i like enough, colour surge eye shadow duo in mochaberry, high impact mascara, different lipstick in 'think bronze', all about eyes rich & clinique eye makeup remover. i love everything! next i want to try some lip glosses & colour surge eyeshadow in black velvet.