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Mar 25, 2011
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I have always been pale. I'm a touch lighter than nc15 so I'm pretty pale but I do tan in nice weather. The past week it's been lovely and hot. And I have the most amazing tan!! From tomorrow it's going abit. Basically. Help me keep this gorgeous tan! What could I do. Sun beds? If so which. Shop ones or home ones as my mum has an old single over the bed sun bed. Is that as good at tanning studios and also what creams are best to use while using them and how often should I use Thanks

Continuous tanning for a really pale person is not healthy. The Canadian govt is trying to ban tanning beds because they increase the risk of skin cancer. Tanning also ages you faster. If you like the look, you can try a self tanning lotion. It give you the sunned look without the sun damage.

hey! I don't know if this would interest you, but the spray tans look amazing as long as theyre done thoroughly & don't give you skin cancer. I haven't actually done one yet, but all the girls at my school do them for proms and semis since the weather isn't so nice before them & they look very natural!


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