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May 3, 2012
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Hello Everyone,

So I ordered the coastal scents 88 color palettes in Metal Mania & Ultra Shimmer because I intend to do more eye tutorials with the many colors in the palette. I am so excited about it too!

I am sure someone here has the palette- what do you think of the palette as a whole? How is the color payoff?

Thanks in advance.

I have one of those two palettes but which one it is I can't remember. I do remember I did like it though, it wasn't bad at all. I'm currently using the BH Cosmetics 5th Edition palette (I REALLY need to get the review and swatches out).

Thanks... I am patiently awaiting mines in the mail...

Some of the colors are hit or miss. Even with primer and different brushes, some of the colors still show up chalky and not enough payoff. maybe 10 or so out of each palette. Thats not too bad considering how many more work really well. 

I have the original 88 palette and I <3 it. The color payoff is good. I use a white or matching color base if I really need the colors to pop. I'm going to buy the prizm (sp?) next. I'm getting into the brighter colors for the summer.


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