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Nov 16, 2011
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I just got over a really nasty cold, but my nose/ upper lip area is extremely irritated from blowing my nose so much. (I ran out of tissues and had to use toilet paper for a while. I know, stupid move on my part, guess I don't think so clearly when I'm that sick)  At this point it has pretty much turned into a giant scab. I have a holiday party to attend tonight and need to cover it up! Any advice, ladies?

I usually use Bare Minerals as I have sensitive/ acne prone skin. When I tried that, it looked gross and flaky. I tried using Dermablend concealer and that didn't look so great either.

It is very hard to cover a scab because of the dry bumpy texture. The only thing I can think of it to maybe primer it heavily and then it might smooth out? Usually if you skin is so irritated that it has bled and scabbed it needs to be left alone or it will only get worse. Sorry I don't have a better suggestion.

Leave your nose alone right now. While it's unattractive I think it will only look worse if you try to cover it up with heavy products. If you must use something try something lighter like a tinted moisturizer.


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