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Jan 23, 2013
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Before I introduce my question, I should probably tell you about my skin type.   I use graftobian foundation in Prima Donna. It's the equivalent of NC20, and while the shade (the darkness/lightness) is fine, my problem is that it's way too pink.   I don't have asian, italian or indian ancestry, just Eastern European and Irish. But my face/neck are two different colors: My neck and jaw are light and absolutely devoid of pink. So are my forehead, back cheeks and nose.   My chin and the apples of my cheeks, however, have mild rosacea. For those of you that don't know, they are pink. I do put green primer to hide the redness, which works magnificently, but then I apply my foundation and it's way too pink. I'm just a light tones person.   I'm not asking for ways to hide my redness. I do want to know how to cancel out the pink in my FOUNDATION. Its already pretty yellow - I'm just yellower. Should I buy a green or yellow color corrector?I don't want to buy another foundation because while that will help, I think I'll spend quite a bit of money on something that will be less effective than an actual color corrector.   So which color corrector should I get? Before you say coastal scents, I checked them and they no longer sell green or yellow corrector anymore :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Thank you so much in advance!   Note: I'm in high school. While I am willing to pay more for a product that will last a while, please don't recommend products that are cost heavy.

youdef want to get a tinted green corrector. red & green are complementary colors & the green should "cancel" the red out. Ive never used it, but I think i recall seeing a green corrector , primer type deal by Loreal in walgreens... you may def want to google & see what other brands ladies with simalr issues may be using


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