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Apr 20, 2005
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OK, obviously greens and blues look the best on me. I currently have shimmermoss and I was looking into getting Steamy and/or aquadisiac.

Now, everytime i see someone wear aquadisiac, it looks soooo much like shimmermoss. Is this true in real life? I really don't want 2 colors that are that similar, you know? And is Steamy pretty dark? b/c the swatch's on the site really suck. Thanks for your help you guys!!

I thought Aquadisiac seemed a bit brighter to me... but I've seen so many shadows, my eyes could've been been messed up by then!! lol Best person to ask is Trisha... she uses those 2 colors a lot. I have still yet to see steamy - but I've heard so much about it.. I want to check it out now!

Last time I was at the MAC store, I was going to get Shimmermoss and Aquadisiac but the MA said that they were too alike. I looked at them and I didn't buy Aquadisiac but bought Shimmermoss. To me, they do look almost the same.

really?! shimmermoss and steamy look more alike to me!

aquadisiac is like brighter and is a lustre texture.