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Apr 25, 2007
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I need assistance choosing my makeup for a big day.

Tomorrow I have a dance performance, which means the one day a year where I can wear super heavy makeup and bring out my so often forgotten certainly red lipstick

I am wearing a burgundy outfit this time. I usually wear either brown or taupe/burgundy eye shadows when I perform, but I have a really gorgeous set of e/s - grey + purple - that I barely use because they are so dramatic, and they work quite well on my brown eyes and pale skin. Do you think the purple would clash too much with my burgundy outfit, or look tacky on stage? Should I stick to browns instead (I probably should not wear the burgundy/taupe combination, since that would make me an entire little burgundy girl, hehe)?

Opinions and suggestions?

Feb 22, 2006
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I think either would look great! Maybe test them both (do one look on one eye, and the other on the other eye) and see which you think looks best?