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Jan 26, 2013
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I'm always on the lookout for bright colorful mascaras (especially neon) but they always seem to be dull! I've tried Maybellines Totally Teal and Royal Blue recently and they were OK, but not amazing. I've tried without a primer, with a white mascara underneath, with black underneath and lots of layering, but they just don't wow me. I've heard great things about Hard Candy and MAC ones, but I wanted to see if anyone has tried them or knows of others :) I'm especially looking for a hot pink one!

Have you tried the Inglot Color Play mascaras?  They don't have a pink though.

Originally Posted by Annelle /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Have you tried the Inglot Color Play mascaras?  They don't have a pink though.
No, I haven't! Do they go on really well? The colors look gorgeous

I used to wear purple mascara all the time...I wish I could remember the brand because I loved it!! People would do double-takes and be like wow, your mascara is purple!! Lol.

I love them! I had a ton of luck with Physician's formula. They have pink and purple (and some other colors, but those are the two I have). I'm not really sure if they will "pop" like you want, but they make my eyes so much brighter.

Oh, another option is Katy Perry Color Pop lashes by Eyelure.  I saw them at IMATS - LA. They have lashes with black and colored hairs mixed into the band so you can have wisps of color too.

I have the Hard Candy one in electric blue and it is pretty good, shows up nicely. Unfortunately I do not wear it very often. I think a purple might be more alone the lines of something I would wear.


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