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Dec 9, 2006
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Come wintertime, Nars plans to seduce you with a bold, magical and mystical new color palette. The new Siren Song 2007 Holiday Collection is full of deep reds for the lips and nails, metallics and trendy dark plums for the eyes as well as gold-apricots for the cheeks. This modern fairy tale collection is nothing short of exquisite. It includes thirteen products due out in October and five more limited-edition items that will be available in November.

For a full description and price list of the ten core shades in the Nars Siren Song 2007 Holiday Collection,
  • EYES
  • Violetta Duo Eyeshadow - Smoky lavender/soft metallic violet ($31)
  • Balthazar Duo Eyeshadow - Maize/saffron ($31)
  • Cheyenne Duo Eyeshadow - Metallic sienna/gothic plum ($31)
  • Night Rider Single Eyeshadow - Soft plum with silver glitter ($21)
  • Night Snow Single Eyeshadow - Sheer white with silver glitter ($21)
  • Luster Blush - Sheer golden apricot ($25)
  • LIPS
  • Viridiana Lipstick Rich burgundy ($23)
  • Rose Gitane Lip Gloss Sheer sangria ($23)
  • Bad Education Lip Gloss - Sheer crimson red ($23)
  • Saratoga Nail Polish - Shimmery ruby red ($15)
Nice stuff, but nothing that moves me...

Wait I might have lied...I have been looking for an apricot blush hopefully that one will do the trick

I love the Night Rider Single Eyeshadow and Night Snow Single Eyeshadow . Love the color. But it is too expensive for my budget.

A girl can dream.