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Feb 6, 2005
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Do you apply eyecream all over the eye area - up to the lashline?

Do you then put your concealer on straight after applying eyecream - so that the area is moisturised and easy to work on??

Reason i ask is that from a skincare point of view you're not supposed to put eye products directly on the eye area - they're supposed to go on the orbital bone. This is because products used close to the eyes can cause puffiness and irritation.

But the majority of MA's put eyecream in this area before applying concealer!!

I'm intrigued!!

I only apply eye cream under my eyes. I've tried applying it on the lids too, but I just wake up with puffy, irritated eyes.
I let it soak in for a good five minutes or so, and then I apply my concealor. I use a fairly emollient concealor, so it's creamy enough that I don't need to apply it before my eye cream sinks in.

I only apply eye cream at night, should I be doing it twice a day?? The bottle didn't say...

Anyways I always put it under my eyes up to my lash line because I have fine lines very close to my lashes, and I usually put a little on the upper lids just as more of a preventative measure than anything else! But I always rub it in very good so it doesn't get on my inner rims or in my eyes -- I do have dry, sensitive eyes and if my eye cream started irritating me I'd definitely quit using it!

i put eye cream on my lid because i have dry lids

i let it dry up a little/let it sink in before i apply other stuff to my eyes.

Originally Posted by charms23 Oh I never do that! I'm too afraid that it will sting my eyes. Are you thinking of using concealer as a base for e/s? That's what I do sometimes. No, i use the UD Primer Potion as an eyeshadow base.
I was actually referring to the undereye area and if you put eyecream there, or just on the bony part.

Hey Bhav, i only use an eyecream at night so i can't really give you an answer to this one! But when i apply the eyecream, i put it below my eyes. What do you mean by the bony part??

If you feel around your eye area, there is the orbital bone, and this where you're *really* supposed to apply eye products.

The eye area (directly under the eye and the eye lid) is clever and absorbs what it needs. Putting product directly under the eye or on the lid can sometimes cause irritation and puffiness. This is what i was taught from a facials point of view. I'm now trying to see it from a makeup point of view.

As i said earlier, i'm just intrigued!!


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