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Feb 26, 2006
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Concealer Tips

During the makeup concealer is used in order to conceal camouflages dark circles, tiny lines, and minor blemishes.

  • If you find that your concealer goes dry during the day, you should try dabbing on eye cream or gel to revive then set with powder.
  • You should use a small brush or your fingertip for this purpose and apply only where needed.
  • You should try choosing a concealer that is one shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Doing so will help you cover dark circles and blemishes more naturally.
Concealer Tricks
  • You can add yellow eye shadow to concealer or foundation to conceal dark circles.
  • You can add blue or green eye shadow to concealer or foundation to correct ruddy tones and broken capillaries.
  • You can also use the residue in the cap of your foundation as the perfect concealer. It is slightly dehydrated, which makes it just the right thickness to conceal.
  • After applying the concealer if it gives a heavy look then you should apply a little bit of eye cream over it. You can also mix the concealer with some eye cream to make it a 'treatment' concealer.
Concealer Tips - Concealer Tricks
awesome thanks!! the green eyeshadow and concealer work great, i just tried it haha, i love it

Thanks for posting Michal

Dear Michael,

Do you correct a blemish with concealer before or after you apply

the foundation?

thank you Michal!

Dear Dena M, as far as I know, there are two oppinions concerning the order of application of concealer and foundation. From my experience I know that for me it's much easier to apply first the concealer and then the foundation, because then it's easier to correct any mistakes and the face overall will look more natural. But this is only my own point of view.

the eyeshadow tip could save a lot of money on different colored concealors & powders.

cool tips =)

always a trick to figure how to make your concealer last all day though!


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