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Aug 25, 2006
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What have you tried and like? Im after a new one since last week I lost mine while away.

I've tried Benifit Boing, Clinique quick correcter and airbrush, elizbeth arden, Mary Kay.

Im using Mineral MU foundation and when I was using Mary Kay concealer it made me have orange patches where id applied it..

Is there any you can reccomend that covers blemishs aswell as used undereyes not wont go patchy.


if you are not looking for very heavy coverage, i find that loreal truematch concealor works great for me

I just bought a MAC Select Cover-up Concealer (liquid) and I'm loving it! It goes on before foundation. With my other brand (Dermablend), I'd have to apply it before and after foundation. Not anymore! My dark circles are history.

Time Balm from the balm is awesome

INuovi (online and in Canada) has a Perfektor that is fabulous - I've used both under mineral foundation and under OR over liquids or creams. Love them both!

Amazing Concealer at Sephora. Covers everything. I tried Boing and it didn't touch my undereye circles, I've tried MMU concealers and they don't cover them either even though I only use MMU for everything else. Only Amazing worked for me.

I really like Maybelline's Age Rewind undereye concealer and the stick concealer from the same brand. I also at times use them along-side mineral makeup and these don't leave any strange coloring.

I love Almays Blemish Concealer in Light.

I've tried high-end brand concealers but that ones always perfect for me.


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