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Mar 7, 2005
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question #1: how long does mac keep their le stuff out? (simple question, so i didn't wanna start another thread on it!)

question #2: i have a few zits (and scars) to cover up on my face, but no matter what i use, i can never cover them up 100%. KA's SSE doesn't even cover them up that well! any suggestions?

I think that they keep their stuff out until it runs out. I don't know if they have a set number of months because I have gone to on MAC counter and they won't have that product but then I hear that other counters do. I guess that you could try emailing them and asking.

Recently I've bought Dior's Hydrating Concealer and it's awesom!! It covers very very well m dark circles and many other things on my face!! Well if your problem is big you can use a stick concealer they cover better!!!

What do you use to apply concealer. I neglected my BB Concealer brush and was using my fingers the past few months but i dug it out last week (along with my foundation brush!) and the difference is unbelievable. I dont have any major marks or scars but i do manage to cover up and redness on the face.

hm...I used Dermablend for a while, it covers really well as it´s designed for people with scars, hyperpigmentation usw. over here the only dermablend product that´s available is the Cover Creme (which is hard to apply if you want to use it as a foundation but works great if you only have certain spots on your face to cover up)

BUT: dunno about the US, but it doesn´t come in many colors over here

Originally Posted by Trisha We have a new fuller coverage creamy concealer coming out soon tho. so maybe wait, as there is a GWP on fndt/base stuff soon in the UK so i'd assume you'd have the same GWP in the USA.

Anyway whatever you go for, i'd go for a stick cover up as Sophia said, they provide more coverage for blemishes on the face

Trisha what is a GWP ???
marisol, i figured that's how it worked. thanks

sophia, i've heard good things about that concealer, but i keep forgetting to check it out. i will definitely keep that in mind!

lau, i use chanel concealer brush, then i lightly tap it with my finger to blend it in my skin.

arielle, we don't have such a big selection here, either. none of them match with my skin unfortunately

trisha, i don't like the feel of SSE on my face, either. i gave up trying to make it work as a foundation. i actually had stila cover stick, but i returned it because it was SO dry, even when i moisturized. do you know when the new concealer will be launched in the US?

okay, i just used my mac studio stick concealer and WOW, it DOES make a huge difference. too bad it's too dark for me. i'll probably go buy one today in my shade.

thanks so much, girls! :icon_love

thanks, trisha!! can't wait for that, since it's full coverage. i could use that

okay, i got the studio stick in nc20 and it covers really well. not 100%, but better than others i've tried. my skin isn't exfoliated (been lazy lately), so i'm sure it'll work even better once i do that.

thanks again!

I hope the Studio Stick works out for you, Jennifer!!
It's so hard to find that perfect concealor!


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