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May 6, 2004
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Who makes the best cream concealer for under eye circles and under eye bags?
Laura, if you can find Shu Uemura's Mark Concealer, get it. it's one of the best i've tried b/c it really covers anything--redness, dark circles, acne scars, etc.

The best concealor I've tried so far is Max Factor Panstik. I know it's marketed as a full coverage foundation, but because it's so pigmented, it makes a fabulous concealor for my horrendous undereye circles. I wouldn't call it my HG, but it's definitely up there...

KeaLoha, Shu Uemera isn't sold in Ireland unfortunately

Might give MF Panstik a go though Feisty coz i don't think it's too expensive & it might be just what i need during the Xmas season of late night parties! Thanks girls