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Feb 22, 2006
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Definitely well-deserved!!! Congrats sweetie!!!
Now, some of you might wonder as to why Jessica Ann instead of Rosie... Well, Jessica Ann is definitely deserving! While Rosie was nominated BEFORE she became Mod, rules are Moderators cannot be nominated for MOTM. Rosie, being as understanding as always, totally understands, and gave the tying vote to Jessica Ann. Just in case anyone wondered! Alas, as I mentioned, Jessica Ann is most definitely a well deserving MOTM winner!!!
I already miss the short cut to my profile!! Lol..... But I'm really happy to see Jessica Ann's up there!!! Yeaaaaa for you girly!!!!


awwwww thanks so much guys!!! Not to get all cheezy but I am really grateful to have even been nominated. I love ALL of you guys more than you know. I love being apart of MUT and look forward to posting and chating everyday!!! Rosie you are one classy lady. Thanks for becoming a mod just so I could win...j/k...lmao

Of course Aquilah.....thanks for nominating me in the first place. It was a real honor to be nomiated by you.


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