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Apr 29, 2012
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I had signed up for the conscious box but thanks to the whole glossybox issues there was a problem with my payment through paypal. My bank had canceled my card and that was the one on file with paypal. Anyways, I have been extremely sick and totally forgot to correct my paypal stuff. I finally corrected my payment stuff and was under the impression I was getting a July box. I was so excited to get the July Conscious Box and through all the confusion and issues I missed the deadline for this months box. I wrote to conscious box and within 12 hrs I got an email back from a customer service rep and they confirmed that I did miss the deadline, but was going to make sure that a July box would be sent out right away. They said they had heard about all the stuff with GB, and felt bad that so many customers were having so many problems with them. It makes people leary to try other subscription boxes. I am so impressed that I got an actual response and not a form letter. I also like the fact that you can pay through paypal because at least you can dispute a charge especially if a company charges you and then you never get a box. I wish all subscription services used paypal as an option for payment. I'm going to cancel Glossybox after my next box and also sample society as I was not impressed with my first box. I've also decided to not sign up for glam bag. I'm still on a waiting list for beauty army (it's been several months) and I'm wondering if I will ever be able to subscribe to them. If anyone is on the fence about signing up for conscious box I say go for it. Their customer service is incredible. As well as the boxes that I've seen in video reviews. I thought I would share, Toni


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