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Jan 29, 2023
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Hello all! So I had a question about the constant redness on my face; what causes it, what fixes it, is it a form of rosacea possibly?

I've never really "noticed" it until recently, never seen it as a problem per say and just thought that's just how my face is. But it recently crossed my mind it was something I could possibly fix.

I've noticed that my cheeks do look a little irritated, even without me touching them. The skin looks a little... inflamed maybe? Definitely rougher than say my forehead. I do have KP (keratosis pilaris) on my arms and thighs, I also have noticed that my left cheek gets hot whenever my BP goes up when I'm stressed. But even without any of that going on they are always red!

Any advice? Treatment or otherwise?

Also want to add my skin care routine - I've been washing my face in the morning with manuka honey, rinse, coconut oil + lavender, rinse with warm water, witch hazel + lavender. This is a routine I found online for irritated skin, haven't seen any changes except in dryness (I live in Northern MN so it's very cold right now). Nighttime routine has been the same. Other than that no other products, not a fan of makeup, I just do eyeliner and mascara and slightly darken my eyebrows with a pencil.


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Red cheeks can be caused by factors like rosacea, temperature changes, emotional responses, or allergies.for treatment you can try using topical creams, antibiotics, laser therapy, avoiding triggers, and using gentle skincare products.

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