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Jun 1, 2007
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Ok I've got my share of unflattering facial features that I'd like to hide, most males do, and surgery is not an option... And I don't want to hire a makeup artist every time I do my makeup so I'd like to teach myself at least some basic contouring skills.. I taught myself everything I know which isn't much.. Lol. But gets me through the mall!!

Anyone have any good informational sources on this? Videos, self help.. Do you do contouring? And how's that working for you? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!


there's a video i particularly like : it was posted a while ago by Nuri. here's the link as embedding has been disabled.

it just involves blush and highlighter and it really works for me, as my cheeks aren't that defined.

i also like Momo's video about contouring, lots of helpful tips there. do you have enough posts to see it?

Thanks Magosienne... I think I need 37 more posts to get some sort of video access.. So may have to try them in a day or so!! My problem is I don't really know what I need to highlight and what I want to hide!! Lol

Maybe hide everything and start from scratch!!



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