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Sep 12, 2012
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I wanted to know if people have tried any of the Coola Sunscreens. How did it apply under makeup? I want to try it but I just want to be sure it's not oily, cause breakouts, make makeup cakey or cause that ghastly white residue face.

I have a tube of their SPF 30 unscented matte tint and it's awesome!  Sunscreen normally break me out, but this one doesn't.  It leaves a silky matte finish but doesn't do much for lasting oil control.  I don't use a foundation primer when I use it as leaves my skin feeling silky enough that I just skip that step.  My Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation goes on smoothly with no issues as do mineral foundations when I use those in the summer.  It's the only sunscreen I use on my face now. 

I tried the Cucumber version via Birchbox and loved it! It does leave a white-ish cast on your face (nothing like using pure zinc would - it just kind of makes your face appear paler, which can be remedied with a tinted moisturizer, powder, etc.).

The formula is awesome - I like it because it's not a chemical-based sunscreen (talk about break outs and bad reactions. I rue the day I ever tried Supergoop on my face lol!). Since the Coola leaves a matte, non-sticky finish, I imagine makeup would apply well over it. It's not greasy at all and smells nice and natural.

Thanks! I was thinking of getting either the baby spf 50 or the face spf 20 unscented. Is there an spf 30?

I received a sample of the Classic (not matte) formula in the May BB. After a week, I noticed that I was getting pimples in the crevices at the side of my nose. I'm 46, have rosacea (use Finacea), and never break out. I stopped using after 3 breakouts and my skin is back to its "normal" self.. It's too bad because I like the scent and performance. Wasn't greasy, wasn't sticky and my face felt soft. I was really bummed.


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