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I've used that site a few times, but it also seems to have something negative to say about practically everything, lol, so I kind of use it with a grain of salt.

I remember looking up info on different types of SPF and it talks really negatively about chemical SPF (versus physical SPF -- chemical SPF absorbs into the skin and helps to prevent UV absorption into the skin...physical SPF creates a barrier above the skin and blocks the SPF from reaching skin levels.  We all know that using SPF is good for keeping the youth of our skin, but that site pretty much hates all types of chemical SPF because there's no studies saying it's 100% safe to have anything absorbed into the skin.  There's always a chance of this, a chance of that, bad reactions, potential future complications, etc.)  But if I'm going to a photoshoot and it will be outdoors, I don't want to go without SPF, and physical SPF will mess with cameras and lighting.  Chemical SPF has a lesser effect of reflecting light since it's absorbed into the skin, and I think it's the lesser of two evils of being in the sunlight unprotected.

I figure a lot of scientific data needs to be translated into reality before taking it for what it "sounds".

I'm sure if there were a study on boiling water, you'd find results that people burned themselves to death and had permanent scarring (remember that lawsuit from somebody who got burned by McDonald's coffee? dangerous! haha)...but that doesn't mean I'll never boil water again in my life, or that I'll never use it.  so yeah. grain of salt, lol.


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