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Jun 28, 2005
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I am going today! So excited! It's being held at Meier and Frank, a local department store soon to be Mays. I think it is being put on by benefit cosmetics but all the cosmetic counters are open and giving out samples. Plus a fashion show.

It should be a lot of fun. I went to a perfume show at Nordstom not too long ago and had such a great time. Music, horderves, champagne...good times!

Any recommendations on benefit products? I really like the Eye Bright. I also have Highbeam, Benetint and Lip Plump. I tried Dr. Feelgood but it made my face break out sooo bad. I had to return it.

Bad gal, High Brow, Dandelion, Mr Frosty???? Any thoughts?

Originally Posted by Charmaine I've been curious about getting High Brow since Trisha used it in a tutorial once and it looked really good. Me too!!
I also like Moon Beam!
Thanks Big T. I was driving my crew crazy at work last night talking about it. I work at a paper mill so they are always amused by girly talk. They want me to bring in my new goods next week. Too funny!

Gotta get to sleep now. The fun starts this afternoon!

i have bad gal lash, and i LOVE IT! my lashes are normally so small and little... when i use it i feel like im wearing fakes
i recomend this to anyone!

Sadly my cosmetic trend show experience was a total bust. It was the first one this store had done and it certainly showed. Basically I didn't really come away with much. Got a few perfume samples. I like the new Britney Spears scent called Fantasy. Kinda fruity. Also liked the new CK perfume, Euphoria. Similar to Thierry Mugler Angel. I did get a few Benefit Eyecon samples and Clarins body firming cream sample. Oh and I did win a raffle prize. Full size Clinque Happy and Body Lotion, plus a few little 'GWP' things. Not really a Happy girl but it was fun to win!!

Originally Posted by Marisol At least you won something! Hopefully the next one will be better. Oh yeah! I was thrilled to win! They only raffled off maybe 10 items so I felt very lucky! I think they are having perfume show next month...
Aww! I hope the next one will be better. Did you end up getting any Benefit stuff?

I guess I shouldn't complain. It was fun just to go and hang out with my sister. And I won the raffle which never happens to me! And the girl at the BeneFit counter was super cute and fun. She did my sisters eyes all smokey. It looked great.

Funny, I didn't buy a thing. I had figured I'd be spending a wad, but it just didn't work out that way. We had to cut things short too, because we were headed to the NIN concert!

Originally Posted by Charmaine Aw Karrie, unfortunately the whole thing was a bust. Fortunately you won something! But unfortunately you're not really a Happy kind of girl....I've been reading that fortunately unfortunately thing too much, you think? LOL Then I got fortunate again later in the evening at the Nine inch nails show! Had a total blast with friends and a group of strapping young men! FORTUNATE!!!

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