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Cosmetics company outlet stores (CCO)

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Aw Jasmine, that's so nice of you. I'm sure all the USA MuT'ers will really appreciate it

There's one in the outlets by me???!?!?! WHERE!?!?! I MISSED IT!!! aaah !

I actually called a Texas store to find NY stores, and she didn't mention that one! Now, I'm gonna have to hunt this out a bit! LOL Thanks Jas!

you guys are very welcome.
you wouldnt beleive the rude ass reponses i got on the mu board at mua. pffft.

im in the process of making sure all of the info is absolutely correct. so far ive found out that the stores in fremont, in and gurnee, il are no longer there. im halfway through calling *each* store to make sure that i have the direct number, and to make sure that its still valid. there are plenty of outdate listings and incorrect numbers on the websites ive used for reference.


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