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Apr 23, 2006
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Ok. I know I'm a chicken and I am so looking forward to my trip to NY, but I am so not looking forward to flying. I have some Xanax to take but I feel the butterflies already and I have 3 days to go. Anybody else scared to fly????

my mother is terrified of flying. We usually have a stiff drink before boarding and then another on the plane, LOL.

Just take some deep breaths and relax.. best of luck and enjoy your trip!

I love flying. I always try to snag the window seat. My favorite feeling is when the plane first takes off. I'm sure you'll be fine!

I am also not a fan of flying. I like the takeoff and the landing, but not the duration! I am sure you will do fine though!

I hate the thought of flying, a temporary fear a few days and right up to boarding. Once in the plane I really enjoy it.

You will be fine, have a fun trip.

I'm scared of flying, but once I'm in the air I'm fine. You are more likely to get in a car accident or any other accident then crash in a plane. Are you going with anyone? Whenever I was on a plane I was with my fiance and he helped me through it.

OMG, I HATE flying with a vengeance. It is SO scary. I understand how you feel, Kelly. It is agony for me.

I dont mind flying at all,especially if it gets me somewhere nice

Awwwww I love to fly!!! Safer than driving any where....

Before some corporate down sizing we had quite the airforce.. Daily flights to the regional offices.. So we could just hope one when we needed to go out in the field.. Now a days if we have enough people we use Corp Air ... Those little Cesna Citation jets are so cool.. Last year when landing at a small runway in Indiana... In the fall, a big ass buck was running accross the runway.. Pilot said we had a few seconds wiggle room to avoid him.. But he scurried into the corn field.. Caught it all on my camera making a mpeg movie of the landing!!!


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