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Nov 27, 2006
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Is there such a thing? I was looking @ MAC goodies on ebay and I came across a listing for 6 E/S (the type in a compact) for $19.99 but when I look'd at the pix the compacts had a mirror on the bottom and a sponge applicator. Did MAC E/S ever come like that? I dont think so. . .
Well you know the saying " When it sounds to good to be true , it prolly is" That seller should be beat b/c I'm sure some unsuspecting people have purchased the FAKIES and more surely will!!

What jackasses! Hopefully the buyers are at least smart enough to check against the MAC site, or various other sites to see they're fake. But, there's always gonna be at least one unsuspecting "victim!"

i know everytime i see those "big time fake mac" products and i see like 9 bids on them i feel like emailing those people and warning them!! but it's there fault too cuz ebay has a little section you can click on and it WARNS you on what to look for with fake MAC products! it tells you every liitle detail from special editions to the casing and everything, or maybe they just dont care cuz they like the colors...just hope for those who purchase that the fakies at least have good color pay off.

Yeah and apparently the fake stuff is unsafe especially for use on the eyes..

It's so sad when I see multiple people bidding on that fake stuff. You would think they would do some homework before buying. And as you ladies have mentioned...there will always be a victim of those scams. Another thing that bothers me is fake handbags. If you're willing to pay hundreds of $$ on a designer bag at least figure out what it should look like. Sorry.....rant over.

Originally Posted by Shanelle /img/forum/go_quote.gif Yeah and apparently the fake stuff is unsafe especially for use on the eyes.. yea.. that';s the biggest concern..

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