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Apr 9, 2007
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MMU girls, what do you do to cover up redness on your cheeks?? I haven't noticed myself having this problem until recently... but it just seems like even if i layer my MMU my cheeks still have a reddish pink-tint, and normally, that's not the color flush i want my cheeks to have.

for redness use a green corrector. (green neutralizes redness) i use PHYSICIANS FORMULA gentle cover cream concealer in COVER GREEN, cuz it doesnt irritate the skin further, but since it's the cheek area which is abviously a bigger surface you want to neutraize, you might want to do a couple of dots, then use your regular foundation over that, good luck!

Have you tried using Cory's? I've read that it has excellent coverage and the samples are only .35 cents each. Small but affordable. Also if you order with them they do run very very light so order darker than you think you'd need.

Everyday Minerals Light Pink blush is good for covering redness. If I put on too much blush, then I usually use Light Pink over it to tone it down. It seems to work well.

i heard benefit's bluffdust covers redness really well, but i haven't tried it myself.

My face always seems to have some redness, mainly on my cheeks. I hate layering too much stuff on my face so I've never tried green concealers. Using a yellow-based foundation works great for me, it covers the redness nicely.

Thanks for the info, if the green concealer doesn't work i'll have to try the yellow based foundation and see how that works

I have really issues with my face getting red (keratosis pilaris rubra faceii). My face gets red if I exercise/drink alcohol/go to sauna/go outside when it's cold (not much that in Finland, right...)/get too much sun etc etc. Plus I'm so pale that most green correctors just turn my face green.

Cory cosmetics foundation has become my HG product, it has enough coverage and still doesn't look mask-like.

My MMU foundation covers that good that all my redness is gone. I have minor redness on my cheeks but my nose is one red area. For my nose I use a concealer brush. I just use my regular MMU foundation as a concealer. Works like a charm!

You should really try to use your foundation as a concealer. I used to think I had to buy a special concealer MMU, but my foundation did the trick even better.

for a green concealer try What Red? by Pure Luxe. I also use a warmer, more yellow foundation to cover my redness. My skintone is rosy-peachy so I just try to tone down the pink nuance with a yellowish tone.

if you are having a lot of redness for no reason, and it's not typical of your face/cheeks, you may to adjust your face wash and/or moisturizer. it may not be your make up.

So true, Seymour. My face is much less red-irritated after I have changed my cleansing routine. From Johnson and Johnson mild (!!!) foam cleanser
to massage with jojoba oil&hand-sieved soap...

Originally Posted by seymour5000 /img/forum/go_quote.gif if you are having a lot of redness for no reason, and it's not typical of your face/cheeks, you may to adjust your face wash and/or moisturizer. it may not be your make up. exactly, next time you go to your derm bring this up. he may have an idea on whats causing it.

I started having redness about a year ago, it turned out to be a rosacea but a mild case. What helped me was the company bee luscious I started using the hydrocortisone salve and the liquid powder mineral foundation and I have not had any more trouble at all my skin is back to normal again.

i use this green lipsticky looking thing that corrects the redness in my face i got it at wal-wart hope it helps out

Look out for Clinique's new skincare, they will be launching a series especially for calming redness and/or irritated skin of all kinds. one of the products is a daily moisturizer with some green tint in it, so you will have it calming your skin but you also get the green invisible "layer" that immediately will hide redness (great if you don't want to wear a lot of makeup to hide it)!


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