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Jul 3, 2004
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Hello Georgeous Gals!!... (And Tony lol)

I've been looking around for some cream eyeshadows.. with not much luck. I saw the ones by Smashbox on QVC - but I really don't feel like paying $50 for 5 eyeshadows LOL Does anyone know of any good cream eyeshadows that are relatively cheap?? I"m kind of looking for almost like a "lipstick-texture" type feel of eyeshadow, something that comes in a pot rather than the ones that are in a tube w/ the wand (they are somewhat too liquidy for me) I want something like a paste. I have an eye primer that is tinted by Clinique, and I love the way the cream blends - rather than powder... Any suggestions?


I've been using this one from Revlon for a while now, they discontinued the crayon I loved so decided to try this. I like it, it seems to last well and goes on easily, I think they only come in shimmers though.

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  • Twist up color.
  • Glide on effortlessly.
  • Shimmer all day.
  • Cushiony-soft tip.
  • Twist: Easy to apply-even on the go.
  • Glide: Smooth on refreshing glide of color, blend shadow with cushiony soft tip.
  • Shimmer: An eyeful of creamy shades that glisten all day and resists creasing.
  • Ophthalmologist tested.
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers.
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  • Remove cap.
  • Hold pen below sponge-tip and twist the base end until color appears.
  • Note: First time you use, color appears after 10 to 15 full twists.
  • Glide on color and use sponge-tip finger to blend.
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Yep, it's pretty creamy. I usually apply it from the tube and then use my finger to blend the way I want it. A tube will usually last me a couple of months, depending on how much I use it.
Well i would recommend MAC Paint's but you don't want something from a tube, plus they dry up really quickly so they don't live a creamy finish.. Sorry girlie, can't help u!

Originally Posted by Harleymom10860 Yep, it's pretty creamy. I usually apply it from the tube and then use my finger to blend the way I want it. A tube will usually last me a couple of months, depending on how much I use it. Ah, ok... cool - I like blending w/ my finger too - that's why I was looking for something creamy ... Gotta check it out! Thanks!
Love your wanted" poster that your is cute! Revlon's Illuminance<SUP>®</SUP> Creme Shadow are wonderful. I use them all the time on photo shoots and they last without heavy creasing. They have a lot of pigment so they look great on all skin tones. Don't pack it on heavy if you want a lot of color, it is better to start with a moderate amount and then add. That will ensure that it doesn't easily crease on you. I also like that they have matte shades AND shimmery shades. I sometimes use the shimmery shades as highlighters on the rest of the face too. They are great!

They also have Eyeglide<SUP>®</SUP> Shimmer Shadow. I haven't used them before but I love Revlon products so I am sure they are great.

I also like Rimmel's cream eyeshadow. They have the regular cream eyeshadows and cream shadows that make the lid look shiny too.

I hope that helps.

Candace Corey

Makeup & Hair

Ooooh! I almost forgot about those Revlon ones!
Thanks! And Ulta has the Rimmel's on sale 'buy one get one Free' - so I think I'll look into those too!!

Thanks Candace, Harley & Laura!

<~~~ Thanks Candace! LOL I love playing around with my new photo editing software! LOL
Thanks Candace! I'm going to check these out. This was a great question NYAngel98. I've been looking for a nice cream shadow too!

I picked up some of the Revlon Cream Shadow's tonight at Ulta - I got 3 kits... (not for the free gift when you spend $15 on Revlon prod's or anything! lol

I got the "Not Just Nudes", "Twilight", & Crystal Chic" sets... at $5.99 each - its a pretty good deal - each kit has 4 shadows.

Will be trying these tomorrow - so I'll let you know the verdict!


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