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May 25, 2011
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I have mild rosacea. It's especially bad right around my nostrils. I have highlighters and a bunch of powder blush's. No cream, though. Most of my blush's are pink, and emphasize on the redness. I need something that won't do this. I have elf's candid coral, but am tempted to try orgasm. Also need a decent bronzer that doesn't look like dirt. I'm fair, nw15. That's the 2nd problem I have. Anyway, here's a recent picture to help. Thanks  ^_^ /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

First of all, you're gorgeous. Just putting that out there.

You can use any blush you want. Before you apply your foundation, use a green primer or corrector to help neutralize the redness in  your cheeks, and use a medium to full coverage cream foundation on your face. 

Changing the blushes isn't going to do much for you. You're better off addressing the root of everything but learning how to neutralize your cheeks. Then you can wear whatever you desire.

Airi gave great advise! Have you also tried using mineral make up?  I heard that type of make up really does wonders for sensitive skin.

Have you tried any skin care products with horse chestnut in them? My best friend has had rosacea since she was diagnosed with lupus. I bought her an anti-redness serum from Isomers with horse chestnut in it for her birthday. Her skin really calmed down with regular use of this product. Just a suggestion as there are some products out there that can help a lot, even though I know they're few & far between. Rosacea really can be difficult to deal with. Might be wôrth trying, though. I believe the product was around $18 when I bought it. She's been buying it herself since then so I'm not sure what the price is now, although I doubt it's much more. The company is at As far as I know, all their products are made in Canada & are professionally formulated by a husband/wife cosmetic chemist team. They do ship internationally & often have larger sizes of certain products that cut their prices down per ounce. I've been using several of their products myself for about 3 years now & am quite impressed with them. You can also find their products on Shop NBC & other home shopping networks. The package deals you can get very often work out even cheaper that way. I don't personally have rosacea but I do have some redness around my nose & eyes as well as the center of my face that I've always dealt with. If I don't neutralize the redness, I also don't feel comfortable wearing certain shades of blush because they just make that redness more pronounced. I've tried green color correctors & honestly don't like the strange tone they give my skin. Instead, I use yellow toned products to dampen down that redness, which works really well for me. The foundations I use over red areas are always more yellow than the shade I use on areas of my face that aren't red. On areas of my face that have a more 'normal' tone, I use a neutral shade of foundation. For specific blemishes that are red, I use a very yellow toned concealer *after* I apply my foundation so that it doesn't get moved around by my foundation application. I then set the center of my face where I have redness, any blemish coverage & the foundation on my eyes with a powder that's tinted slightly yellow. I use a more neutral toned powder or translucent powder to set the even toned areas of my face. I also find stippling my foundation on over the red areas around my nose gives me more opaque coverage. I pat my foundation on & around my eyes and over any blemishes. Doing this balances the tone of my skin out overall, which allows me to wear pretty much whatever blush or eyeshadow shade I want. I've also found that if my skin is feeling irritated for any reason, mineral foundation which contains more zinc oxide in it (which normally has more coverage) really helps lessen that irritation & often heals it up. Just be sure that whatever foundation you use, it doesn't have any bismuth oxychloride in it. Bismuth can be found in all types of cosmetics, including liquid, cream and mineral foundations, as well as blushes & many other products. For somebody with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or even acne breakouts, this is often a major problem. It can trigger itching, skin flaking, hives, more intense redness & swelling. I know it sounds like a lot more work to use different shades of foundations & powders, but it really doesn't take much more time once you've got your routine down. Especially if you can use a skin care product to calm your skin irritation down somewhat.

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Airi gave great advise! Have you also tried using mineral make up?  I heard that type of make up really does wonders for sensitive skin.
I can vouch for that.  I have awful sensitive skin, and mineral makeup has really helped.


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