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Oct 30, 2007
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does anyone know how to do this with it actually working? i mean seriously its like my neck then my face and nothing i between and im obsessed with it cos i think a jawline is what makes the difference between average and attractive ie angelina jolie. i swear shes so beautiful because she has such a strong jaw.

anyway i digress! i keep hearing that bronzer along the jaw will create a shadow and look like a jawline but its really not working and i know you girls will know a secret or two lol.

i swear i wish i could lend one of you my face and see what kind of transformations you could do! xx

Yes i use Bronzer along my Jawline, down the centre of my nose, it really does work, also you can use Ysl Radiant touch down the centre of your nose to define, it just takes a little practice and you will get the look you want, good luck

I have the opposite problem. My jaw is too strong so I have to put shadow and use high lights to disguise it. It seems that the advise you have been given is correct and it's a matter of experimenting until you are happy with the results.

Try using a bronzer just below the jawline and a highlighter on the jawline. This will draw attention away from below the jawline and toward the jawline itself. This should help to make your jawline look more prominent. hth!