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Oct 1, 2012
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I have just recently come off a cruise with

I went to the salon and had a facial, they used a really good cream that made my skin so soft!  The only thing is I dont know what this product was Can anoybody reccommend some skin products for me please?!     Link deleted per Terms of Service.

I don't know what they used on you but what makes my skin smooth and soft is the Skin Ceuticals B5 gel and CE Ferulic. It has worked so well on me. I'm 38 years old and no one believes me when I tell them my age. They think I'm still 21!

The Skin Ceuticals line is a bit expensive but it is worth every single penny because you get what you pay for.

Did you try emailing the cruise line? Im sure they would be glad to help you and could probably pull up your information from the salon.

I have rang the company I booked through and they have told me to ring the actually salon on the ship, but I cannot get in contact with them! 


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