CSI finale thursday night

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Mar 8, 2005
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If anyone saw this please let me know how it ended. I missed it. PM me...I apprecaite it.

Omg Absolutely Bad Ass!!!!
Darn!!!!! I knew it was going to be good. I really need to get DVR.

Thanks for the update ladies.

Originally Posted by Elayne I am a CSI & CSI Miami fanatic. (I can't seem to stay awake to watch CSI-NY)Thursday's epsiode had its moments I'll admit. But overall to me it wasn't that great. I am looking more towards CSI Miami's season finale on Monday and hope its better than CSI's finale. I watched it for about an hour then lightening hit my street's transformer and all the power went out. Now what are the odds of that!? I was pissed; it was a really good episode for the first hour. I wish I could have watched the rest.

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