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Curling Irons

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Mar 7, 2005
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i'm new to this forum, so i've glanced through a few pages, but i didn't see anything on this, but if there is one, i apologize for the duplicate!

last week, i bought a hot tools 2" curling iron. it got awesome reviews on folica.com from people who've used it. the look i'm going for is loose curls at the bottom of my hair. i'm sure you know what i mean.

this iron heated up quickly with lots of settings, but when i tried to curl my hair, what i would get was an "L"-shaped crease and that was all. i tried it on my mom's and my sister's hair, but only got the same result.

i returned it and got a ceramic tools curling iron that's 1 1/4" and i haven't used it yet, but i plan on it soon, of course.

anyone know why i got the "L"-shaped crease? was the barrel too big? do you think 1 1/4" is too small for those loose curls?

also, any tips for those curls i'm trying to do would definitely be helpful and appreciated - very much