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Jan 16, 2007
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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if all straightners can be used to make curls? You know those spiral, curly ones? I really want to try it, but don't know how. Can anyone help!!!

There is actually tons of vids on this on youtube
, but as far as all flat irons doing this, I dont think so.

i've seen the thread nox posted...and i seen youtube vids but i don't get the sexy curls in the vid?

any tips or pointers?

i can make curls with my babyliss...but not the small spirals...they're more like big spirals

and i can do the old fancy wavy hairstlyes with it but i want spirals!

any help?

Yep they make awesome perfect spirals. It's a definite skill though. I was amazed when I saw a girl doing a demo in the mall the a skinny(ish) flat iron and making these perfect curls!

Oh yeah! I do curls with my Chi all the time. They turn out beautiful when done right! You can YouTube some video searching and find a tutorial that works best for you

Also, it can't be one of those with weird sticky up long as it has a relatively rounded outside, it should be able to curl your hair.

I use Remington Sleek And Curl and I can make a lot of different curls! It depends if I use a little or a big wisp.

Look at those links from youtube, it's simpe to understand how-to make curls!

I do it all the time with my CHI. I never use a curling iron at all.

People always ask me how I get those curls and are amazed when I tell them I use a straightener lol

i do it with my 1" straightener. i just go down a bit then flip my straightener then pul down