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Feb 17, 2004
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~Chat happens Daily from 7-8 pm, Pacific Standard Time~

TO Chat on MuT: Click on the "Forum Home" button located on the pink toolbar. Next, you will see the words, "Chat Now" in the upper right-hand corner. Click and follow the directions. It's easy!

Use this chart to help you find your time zone or go to

Pacific Standard Time
California time: 7-8 PM

Phoenix: 7-8 pm

Seattle: 7-8 pm

Vancouver: 7-8 pm

Mountain Time

Denver: 8-9 pm

Edmonton: 8-9 pm

Central Time

Houston: 9-10 pm

Chicago: 9-10 pm

New Orleans: 9-10 pm

Kingston: 9-10 pm

Minneapolis: 9-10 pm

Eastern Time
Philadelphia: 10-11 pm

Atlanta: 10-11 pm

Boston: 10-11 pm


Sydney: noon-1 pm

Wellington: 2-3 pm

(BST) London: 3-4 am

(CET) Paris: 4-5 am

Honolulu: 4-5 pm

Anchorage: 6-8 pm


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