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Mar 7, 2005
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i'm almost positive there's not one done recently, but if there is, mods, close this and direct me, please! thanks

list all of your current favorites here!

here are mine...

urban decay's surreal skin mineral makeup (as usual and i sell this like crazy at work, so it's everyone's favorite, too!)

stila's golightly eyeshadow (i've been wearing it alone as a wash and it makes my eyes look greener)

mac's margin blush

mac's shimpagne msf

clinique's superbalm gloss in apricot (i am soooooooooooooooooooo in love with this!)

I am currently loving my Nars Laguna and Orgasm duo. I also love Rimmel extra Uper lash mascara. For lips I love my Nars Foulplay & Bourjois rosewood.


MAC Vivid Pink Pro Pigment

Sephora Shimmer Blush

MAC Shimpagne MSF

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation in Clear

Monave MMU foundation

Too Faced Lash Injection

My two old standby's: MAC Midimauve l/s and Viva Glam V Lipglass.

and all of my pigment stash which has been really neglected lately.

MAC woodwinked e/s

L'Oreal HIP Mascara

MAC Gold Spill MSF

Vaseline for my poor dry, dry, dry lips. lol.

I'm loving:

MAC Global Glow MSF (I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear this!!)

MAC Burnin l/s

Loreal Khaki Seduction palette

Chanel Russet Moon l/s

BB Forest and Midnight palettes

MUF duo mat foundation

My Sinful Colors n/p collection (to be so cheap this stuff is amazing!!)

BB Gold Shimmerbrick

NARS Exhibit A blush

MAC e/s Cumulus, Thunder and Blue Storm from the Blue Storm line - I thought I didn't want anything from this collection, but boy was I wrong!

Milani Luminous blush

Clinique Lash Doubling mascara

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Liquid Foundation in Illusion

NYX Tinted Lip Spa in Copacabana

NYX Chrome Eyeshadow in Pearl White

NYX Single Eyeshadow in Black

Loreal HIP Color Truth Creme Eyeliner in Black

Currently Loving:

MAC l/g in Illicit

MAC Pearl Blossom bp

mark Speedway

mark Make It Big

mark Flip For It Paris

Currently loving:

LM face tint in Apricot

BB buffing grains

YSL Golden Gloss #3

BB l/g in Brightening Pink

NARS blush in Zen

and MAC FAKE eyelashes!! Gorgeous!!

school just started, so yeah my using makeup alot is gonna drop big time, but aside from the usual i use........


lancome magique blush in pink softness

non makeup:

rediscovering my bbw pure simplicity milk thistle cream cleanser (which pisses me off that they discounituned the whole line).

mario badescu drying lotion (my best friend ever)

MAC Brew lipstick

MAC Florabundance gloss (by itself)

MAC Wonderstuck (by itself)

MAC Shimpagne (I've been using this again like crazy)

MAC lilicent cream blush

Rimmel Eye Magnifier mascara

Dior Diorissme palette

MAC Deckchair pigment

Bobbi Brown burnt sugar palette

MAC 182 brush

mark flip for it New york (fall)

loreal color truth cream eyeliner in black

mark hook up liq eyeliner blk

milani glimmerstripes

loreal telescopic mascara

mark plumping lipshine in smashing

Currently (aka still loving):

MAC Fix+

BLMAC Style it Up LS

MAC Amber Lights ES

Milani Sunset Beach Blush

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara

Prestige Lightshine Gloss Liner - Freesia + NYX Diamond Sparkle Liplgoss- Fuschia Sparkle, they were made for each other.

Dior's Pure Poison eu de parfum, it really doesnt smell as 80's as the original, I swear!!!

My Mineral Glow colors Stingray & Chameleon

and my new Bare Essentials Mineral Veil

and my standby's:

Dior Airflash

Dior Skinflash