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Oct 12, 2012
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I am having a hard time with the skin around my nails and my cuticles. It stays dry and forms little edges of skin under the sides of my nails. I try to clip it, but it ends up leaving little edges and just comes back. I have tried a cuticle gel, the kind that is supposed to soften them and make the dead skin sort of rub off, but it does not seem to work, maybe just a bad brand?

I have also tried using lotion to keep them moisturized, but I have two issues: one, it dries my skin up even more unless I constantly reapply, and two, I spend a lot of my day on a computer and having sticky or oily lotion hands just is not an option.

Is there a better brand of cuticle remover/softener I could try that I can pick up at the drugstore or Target or even Sally's?

Is there something else I can do?

I would prefer things I can do myself, but I am planning to in and have a mani done as soon as my hands stop looking so awful. I have natural nails and I occasionally do put polish on them myself.

If lotion is dying out your hands more, look into what ingredients are in the product you are using.  Anything with alcohol in it is going to be drying.  Try something fragrance free and natural, I love Aveeno lotion.  Also, I have a paraffin lotion that works great, just like the paraffin wax treatment you can get. I use a cuticle oil by Julep that I adore! It really softens up and nourishes that specific region!