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May 1, 2006
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My husband and I have been victims of cyber theft!! Last night I checked our bank account online, to see what the balance was. We were $600 overdrawn!!! I scrolled down the transactions and saw that there was a check card transfer on the 17th for $504 from a website named I looked it up, and it's a travel website, like All the rest of the transaction said was the name of a city in TURKEY! I don't know if that's where the transaction was made from, where the trip was planned to, or what. But it sure as hell wasn't made by us!!!!

My husband is at the bank right now, to try to figure out what we can do. I'm so pissed!!!

I'll update when I learn more.

Wow thanks for posting this, I must be careful shopping online.

I wonder how they do that, keep us posted!

Thanks, everyone.

My husband was at the bank over an hour, and was still there when I had to leave for work. We went through the past three months statements with the customer service rep there, confirming which charges were ours. The theft didn't start until just recently. There was a charge from some website called, and there were 4 pending transactions waiting, one from Expedia, one from Kingfisher airlines, and 2 from a singles website!! It just makes me sick when I think of some ..... I can't think of a name suitable enough... but someone out there spending our money, and money that we don't even have enough of to pay our own bills with!!

Sorry to hear about your situation.

Any idea how they got your information? Did you ever state your credit card or bank information on ther net?

Canada gets it share of identity theft. Quite often a camera is placed near the atm and customers use a "fake" swipper - these together can get anyone's banking info.


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