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May 12, 2004
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(copied from an email I get)

No, this is not an historical piece about World War II, but is on a subject which could

be even more explosive and world changing. For nearly a century, even before it had been discovered, isolated and named, vitamin D has been known to have very powerful beneficial effects on human health. Sunshine is earth's source of energy and the product of it's effects on life forms are the building blocks of life. Sunshine causes photosynthesis in all green plants. Chlorophyll is the product of photosynthesis. It is the main stuff all green plants are made of. In man, sunlight produces vitamin D (actually, vitamin D3, also known as Cholecalciferol) when it strikes human skin in sufficient amount and duration.

Though some of the healing effects of vitamin D have been known since the 1930's, only in the last two or three years have its advocates been able to make significant progress in selling some of its benefits in the medical industry.

Why did the knowledge of the tremendous value of vitamin D remain dormant for so long? This story is one of intrigue, secrecy, money and finally, truth. In the 1930's, medical researchers observed that people who got squamous cell cancers had a much reduced chance of getting many other types of cancer such as those of the breast, prostate and colon.

Naively, knowing little about the causes of cancer, they assumed that getting skin cancer worked as a sort of immune trigger. Today, the truth is coming out into the open. The overexposure to the sun which caused these skin cancers also produced adequate amounts of natural vitamin D to prevent other cancers. The purpose of this treatise is not to prove all of these assertions scientifically. That is done quite well by researchers whose work can be found carefully catalogued here: http://www.cholecalciferol-council.com.

The things asserted here should be shocking to everyone who has not been following these recent developments. When the inverse relationship between skin cancers and other types was first identified early in the last century, it should have caused a natural progression of medical research leading to the connection between vitamin D and cancer. Instead, the money trail led in another direction.

As researchers for pharmaceutical companies and the "independent" labs they finance and therefore control made these obvious observations, they were stopped in their tracks. If vitamin D, available from the sun for free could prevent and treat cancer, they could not benefit from it, financially. As has become the pattern of the medical industry, they had been trying for decades to find a patentable analog of vitamin D to give them a "piece of the action" along with God (or "nature" for those not willing to believe in God). Today, after all these years, it is becoming obvious that the original "miracle drug" designed by the Miracle Worker cannot be improved on or patented. The secret is finally coming out: vitamin D from the sun or Cholecalciferol from other natural sources can prevent and successfully treat many of the deadly diseases which plague mankind.

Among conditions which seem to respond to proper levels of vitamin D are:

Cancers of several types






Heart Disease


Hypertension (High blood pressure)




Multiple Sclerosis




Muscle weakness


Chronic pain


The links above are to the information which has been uncovered in the last few years regarding the possible benefits of vitamin D. By no means is the final verdict in on whether it can cure these conditions, but enough signs are appearing to cause a

reasonable person to begin to make certain that they and their families not be walking around in a vitamin D deficient condition. It will be years before the "proof" is strong enough for FDA to come on board, especially in light of the position they have taken over the years and the financial damage which will be done to the pharmaceutical companies when people start being healthier year round as they seem to be in the sunny summer and due to supplementation of vitamin D.

Though most Americans are chronically vitamin D deficient, especially during the winter, blacks and other dark-skinned people are especially vulnerable. Dark skin blocks UVB sun rays. It takes 5-10 times as much time in the sun to get the same blessing as it does for white skinned people. Compounding the problem for dark skinned people is the fact that the only common food which provides significant vitamin D is milk and Over 75% of blacks are lactose intolerant and drink very little milk. Only about 21% of whites are lactose intolerant.

The revelations of the vital need for vitamin D in humans and the higher than heretofore believed levels which are necessary for full benefits are being made at an alarming rate.

This "D-Day" could prove to be the most earth-shaking time in modern health history.

Since very little money can be made from the associated products, and much is to be

lost by the medical industry, the ensuing battles will be brutal. Already researchers

are losing their jobs and being vilified by their peers as was Dr. Vieth when he

reported that 14 of 15 prostate cancer patients responded favorably to vitamin D

treatment. The question for researchers and other medical professionals is whether

they will be willing to stick to their guns and fight this noble war. The question

for the public now is, "Do you want to stay vitamin D deficient and continue to risk

your health?"

Please, read the complete website: http://www.cholecalciferol-council.com . If you

are not convinced of the importance of proper vitamin D blood levels, at least I have

done my part to try to help preserve your life and health. If a light comes on inside

your head and you decide this is important, please have compassion and send this

Newsletter to everyone you know. Then resolve today to get some good sun every day (15 minutes a day of full sun in a bathing suit) or at least 3000-4000 IU of vitamin D for adults, 2000 IU for kids and 1000 IU for infants.

The News on this important vitamin is coming fast and furious. To be kept informed

with little effort, just stay tuned to this letter and drop

by http://alternative-health-news.com.

So my mom is right.. she's always saying how i dont have enough Vitamin D and i should be out in the fresh air more!

Wow that is crazy, but so believable! Think about it, most people do tend to get sicker when they can't go outside as much, like in the winter. Definately something to think about.
Thanks Kim for great article.


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