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May 31, 2005
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Dare To Be Contest Rules and Information
Welcome to Dare To Be forum. This is a special forum dedicated to applying your make-up to fit in with a certain theme.
Every two weeks one of the moderators of D2B will post a thread and tell you the theme for the next 2 weeks along with some pictures inspiration for the makeup ideas. Then you have two weeks to get ready and post your makeup look. You also may include any other pictures/sources of inspiration you have found.
Before you start, take a look for a few rules we have for the contest.
  • Do not retouch your photo using photoshop or ANY other graphic editor. You may resize your photo size but do not enhance the photo such as smoothing your makeup or skin or even adding or changing the original makeup look/colours. This is NOT a photo contest so be fair with others. (Please see the new photoshop rules here)
  • You are allowed to post as many submissions as you like but keep in mind that only ONE submission will be posted on the voting poll later
  • All entries must be specifically created for each individual challenge. No recycled images will be allowed. That is, if you enter an image/images for one challenge, you cannot enter the same image/images in another challenge.
Please keep all comments/pictures on a specific theme to its own thread, and remember "if you don't have something nice to say then don't say it at all."
Note that DTB Winners have their winning pictures inserted into each newsletter following the closing date of the poll.
One of the perks of winning a DTB is that the winner gets to choose the theme for the next contest!
Don't know how to post the pictures?
Click HERE to see the Dare To Be Winners Circle Page!
If you have any suggestions for a theme, please post in the suggestions thread, here.
Any other questions, please feel free to PM the moderators!
Enjoy and Have fun!

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