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Nope, sorry, I don't know of any and I couldn't find any threads that might help you out
I'm sure someone will know of something though

Check here:


The Iman line has several, and they're available at Target & Walmart. Press the "Color" button then lipstick. HTH!

MAC Underworld and Film Noir. Benefit makes a great lipliner called Tootsie thats a gorgeous brown.

I asked mac did the have a dark brown lipstick they said no.

I also mentioned without any reddish undertones.

L'oreal has a nice dark brown in the Colour Riche line.. Can't remember the number.. Left it in one of my purses..


Bobbi Brown has Brown Lipstick,

but I don't know if it's DARK enough for you

Lip Color shade #Cocoa Berry - Deep Plum Brown

#Rich Cocoa - Deep Red Brown

#Chocolate - Sheer Dark Chocolate

I made some really awesome brown glittery gloss by putting some MAC "cocomotion" pigment into their "nice buzz" lipgloss. Maybe you could just get the pigment and add it to one of your lipglosses?

High Impact lipstick - Brownie

Frosted Lipstick - Cognac

Micro Bubbles- Micro Cocoa

My sister in law uses those colors from bee luscious cosmetics


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